I love traveling, photography and music. I love everything that catches my eye, even dust . I was fascinated to experience the light ,the shadow and the way they intertwine. This world is large but also small .How random people come together in a place is a mystery but we finally meet. And I realized all of those contacts worth a glance.And Tess stands for The Endless Summer Song.:'')


8:35 AM 30th July 2014

8:35 PM 29th July 2014

I enjoyed a good sleep last night.Maybe it’s because i kissed B Jr 10 times or I received a goodnight kiss last night:”)

Waking up and loving the new day ahead. And now the smiley badge is on my backpack :”) 

I think I should wait till night but It’s the same time last month,isnt it?:”). So happy our 1st anniversary!!!!. Officially :)) .We kinda have so many days to celebrate in the whole month=)). But this day I thinks it’s the most special for me. Let’s smile the whole day, OK  :”)

Have a good sleep tonight dear:”) <3

L.O.V.E_Nat king cole :”)


My version :”)

Not really.


"I took a gap year. And a half. I was feeling a bit lost and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do."
"Do you know now?"
"Not really."

Wow strangers. I should talk more to the others . Interesting stories.:”)


"What’s your greatest struggle right now?"
"The death of my husband."
"How’d you meet?"
"I was at a party on Fire Island, and this man walked in. I was about 25 at the time and recently divorced. I thought: ‘He looks interesting, I should get to know him.’ We ended up talking all night long. The next morning we were engaged, and two weeks later we were married."
"So what did he say when he asked you to marry him?"
"He didn’t really ask. He just said: ‘Let’s get married.’"

9:47 PM 27th July 2014

9:47 AM 27th July 2014

Totoro festival 

Today my room is stuffed with your gifts. It’s like a huge attack ! :)). I cannot find a room to stand to set up for real. And my room is not that small you know:))

So without mentioning the awesome Jason mraz wave, this is my two little new loves:’’). The 3d small cutie and the 2d big father. I wonder how big he can grow. I will arrange for her to go to kindergarten soon. She cannot be a professional spy without studying, even though she has magic:)). Phew. Now I’m still sitting and looking at all the gifts and my mom asked if we were going to open a gift shop later=)).Thank you dear. :) . How sweet T :”)

La vie en rose :”)



11:46 PM 26th July 2014

11:46 AM 26th July 2014

At the end of the day , I still cannot stop smiling looking at the gift you sent. I am reading the 1st opened gift, the others are still inside the box. :”P. So this is the start of our story right:”). An adventure will come up with a happy ending.  Reading poems and this page is quite interesting. The prince ‘s just like you. He’s creative and talented and I will be the one who ask you the last question . You know I’m curious, dont you ? :”P .


9:57 AM 25th July 2014

9:57 PM 24th July 2014

On the rooftop and  it’s about to rain again soon.:”|

Wondering what you are doing :”P

I was sent this song in the early morning and a request to cover =)).Crazy but  in love with the song and the challenge at the same time:))

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (Cover) by Daniela Andrade


1:02 PM 24th July 2014

1:02 AM 24th July 2014

Your warmhearted mail made my day this morning <3 . To give and to be given.. We know that :”)

A cute mail box on the way to lunch :”)

So in love with Clean Bandit these days. They are so creative and crazy and the MV quality are more than perfect ! :”D

Clean Bandit ft Stylo G _Come over


12:00 AM 24th July 2014

12:00 PM 24 th July 2014

Đang đứng dưới bóng râm, 1 cái bóng râm từ 1 cái cây rất lớn:”). Hôm nay đi bộ xa thật xa để ăn trưa :”). Đi bộ vui lắm, kiểu thấy mọi thứ di chuyển cùng vận tốc của mình ấy . Kể cả gió, gió mát vô cùng. Vậy thì trú nắng:”)

Sáng tối _Phạm Toàn Thắng


"Đi lang thang theo những lớp người đang trôi ngang ,tôi tìm chút thành thật giữa những khuôn mặt người.

Tìm thấy nhau chi khi những vết thương vẫn chưa lành, lại vội chạy trốn mãi không thôi…

Nhắm mắt để cảm nhận nhịp tim lên tiếng nó chẳng nói dối bao giờ”

12:58 PM 23rd July 2014

12:58 AM 23rd July 2014

Cái hẻm nhà mình không bao giờ cũ , vì cảnh vật lúc nào cũng thay đổi.Hôm nay vừa dắt xe ra khỏi cửa, đã thấy mây trôi ngang như thế này. Hôm nay gió mạnh đến mức mây không kịp dừng lại chút nào. Mà cứ thế bị thổi đi mất.Nhớ mấy hôm trời đứng gió, mây cứ lơ lửng mãi không chịu trôi 

Mây tự do thật ấy :”)

Nhưng chắc là mây cần có gió .Đi cùng mây. :”)

8:05 AM 20th July, 2014

8:05 PM 19th July, 2014

Christina Perri _A thousand years


Today the 1st time we officially met. My heart beat really really fast :”) . But I just felt so comfortable seeing your face and hearing your voice .You are not  far away  from my imagination .And  I know that we are now one step closer :”)

I’m waiting for that day,  when I stand in front of you :”).And There will be no more distance between us :”)

I choose mint for our theme :”)