I love traveling, photography and music. I love everything that catches my eye, even dust . I was fascinated to experience the light ,the shadow and the way they intertwine. This world is large but also small .How random people come together in a place is a mystery but we finally meet. And I realized all of those contacts worth a glance.And Tess stands for The Endless Summer Song.:'')


12:58 PM 23rd July 2014

12:58 AM 23rd July 2014

Cái hẻm nhà mình không bao giờ cũ , vì cảnh vật lúc nào cũng thay đổi.Hôm nay vừa dắt xe ra khỏi cửa, đã thấy mây trôi ngang như thế này. Hôm nay gió mạnh đến mức mây không kịp dừng lại chút nào. Mà cứ thế bị thổi đi mất.Nhớ mấy hôm trời đứng gió, mây cứ lơ lửng mãi không chịu trôi 

Mây tự do thật ấy :”)

Nhưng chắc là mây cần có gió .Đi cùng mây. :”)

8:05 AM 20th July, 2014

8:05 PM 19th July, 2014

Christina Perri _A thousand years


Today the 1st time we officially met. My heart beat really really fast :”) . But I just felt so comfortable seeing your face and hearing your voice .You are not  far away  from my imagination .And  I know that we are now one step closer :”)

I’m waiting for that day,  when I stand in front of you :”).And There will be no more distance between us :”)

I choose mint for our theme :”)

I’d like to present Ú nu :)).  I love rotating her eyes:”). So that she can be happy or angry  in such a short amount of time. Just like me :))


12:30 PM  July 19th, 2014
12:30 AM  July 19th, 2014

Finally, you’ve finished my B Jr :”) I also believe she has magic :P I will have good sleep every night when I have her by my side <3. 

The more I love her, The more I love you :P

Eating kiwi, one of my favourite fruits and making gift :”)

Fix you_Coldplay


Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace

And I…

This time I will watch out for you to cry. Like the way you did for me when we were 8. And God knows how strong we will be :)

1:30 PM 17th July 2014

1:30 AM 17th July 2012

Nó giống vậy chưa T :)). Totoro ơi mau bay về với tớ!!! :”P

10AM 16th July, 2014

10PM 15th July 2014

A lucky draw .And Congratulation!!!!!, Tee has won the game :)))

"When faces with two choices, simply toss a coin 

It works not because it settles the question for you

But in that brief moment when the coin is in the air

You suddenly know what you are hoping for.”

I love this quote and the next task is that I have to get used to the new name as soon as possible. Ti. :”P

Boss is out of the office :)).The call of the Wild.From Black. Found the book on the table . Love maple leaves  <3

3:55 PM 15th July 2014

3:55 AM 15th July 2014

It’s my tea break now. :”)Today we talked mostly about your name. I love our discussion as always. You know we can even write a book about all of these funny stories :))

Suddenly I think  Tea is something we both like. Tea=> tee=> ti. :)). I dont know but it’s quite interesting :”P

My backpack green texture :”)

4pm 14th july 2014

4am 14th july 2014

Cheers for the song ,the adorable project and the happy moments:”).My intention is to make a short journal for my lovings and even stranger around me :”). It’s gonna be so much fun :”)

And to you…This is also my meaning, Hayden :”P

Sarah Barreiles_I choose you


Our ugly gangs :)). I got mint flavor :”)