I love traveling, photography and music. I love everything that catches my eye, even dust . I was fascinated to experience the light ,the shadow and the way they intertwine. This world is large but also small .How random people come together in a place is a mystery but we finally meet. And I realized all of those contacts worth a glance.And Tess stands for The Endless Summer Song.:'')


Why do we need to keep it simple?

Short story #8
In a rundown factory.

Walking. Running. Nauseous. Daily topics.Easy. Generating words. Weird. Shortage of memory. Surrounding. Work.Habits. Feedback. Unpleasant.Discomfort zone. Be Touched. Last news.Insomnia. plain.blank.

Short story #7
Short story #6
No hidden story at all.
Short story #5
Saigon is famous for various means of transportation.Cyclo. xe om and bike (like in the picture)which is used for goods transporting. We also had small tuk tuk, which are now only used for taking trash from residential area.
My papa! :”)( photo inside the calendar)
Today we turn the calendar to the october , november and december :”). And we are looking at his smile. Great things will come in the last three months of the year :”)
Short story #4
Adoring couples.
I took my Cub out late this morning. And this is  what i saw at the corner of the alley. A grandpa led his bike following a grandma .She held a small blue basket, which my grandma always use in the morning going to the market.And He wore a blue T shirt. At first   I thought they just met by chance or just went on the same road until i found out they went together to the small market near my house. He quietly followed her all the way and said hi to the neighbours.i tried to capture their pictures on the way. And the next moment grandma saw me and she smiled. Isnt it what we are looking for in life ? Grow old together :)
Short story #3. 
Saigon 2014.
I rode on 3/2 street following this woman’s bicycle this morning. The street was so crowded and i couldnt find any red light to stop the vehicle. She and her kid attracted too much so i decided to take a photo using one hand for the camera and the other for riding my bike. Her kid held two balloons in the air and her innocence was cute overloaded. She dint stop talking to her mom and the woman kept on smiled. I just had a chance to take a photo at their back but the simple happiness was undeniable.

041212. I was filled with anger.


Working. Studying. Waking up. Sleeping late.Working. Talking. Falling asleep.Working.Running.Laughing .Debating. Raining.Looking out the window. Riding .Not Riding. Thinking.Admitting. Adapting. Feeling. Soon to be ended.

All the Right Moves_One Republic.


Short story  #2. Small worlds outside mine.
Today i went to work late, texting to my colleagues that i had a headache. These days i wake up ,rush out of my home and come back late or work until midnight and fall to sleep.My grandma always wait for me till dinner. I wanted to stay home with my grandma. I realize even though she stays at home all day all year ,maybe she had her little own world in the market with her friends. The same with my grandpa with his familiar electric shop, and my mother with her neighbours around the workplace. So everyone has their own quiet space of their own. But mine is now a little bit aside of it.
Short story and now playing Colinne Bailey Rae the sea.
He lived with his wife and two chldren. They lived happily in a small house . He and his wife worked really hard to raise their kids after moving to Saigon from the Central of Vietnam and they succeeded . One day his wife asked him  that Perhaps it’s time for them to enjoy their lives and travel. He nodded and they planed for a biggest trip ever. But the next few week  later, the wife died in a tragic accident, which made him gone mad for a while. They own a house in the hometown but he doesnt want to come back .Now he’s working as a xe om near my mother workplace. Gently he looks at the sky everymorning and wonders about things has passed by his life. His mind has been calmed now. 

"She taught me how to dance. We actually met at a graduation party. I was the only one not on the dance floor, and her friend bet her that she couldn’t get me to dance. I’d already said ‘no’ to ten girls, but she talked me into it. We were together 55 years. She died eight years ago, but I still dance every day."
(Mexico City, Mexico)