I love traveling, photography and music. I love everything that catches my eye, even dust . I was fascinated to experience the light ,the shadow and the way they intertwine. This world is large but also small .How random people come together in a place is a mystery but we finally meet. And I realized all of those contacts worth a glance.And Tess stands for The Endless Summer Song.:'')

Té xong tỉnh ngủ hẳn hen !. Phương pháp hơi bị đau mà hơi bị hay .Bài giảng hôm nay trôi nhanh như 1 cơn gió, kiểu mới mở tập ra mà thấy xong rồi . Bạn mới và  Mike có đường:)). Thôi Nghe nhạc ròi mần việc tiếp .:”). Cannot finish without a start!. Happy tree friend !, 8 năm rồi mới coi lại epic cartoon, epic từ nhạc nền ! =))). Phải coi lại nguyên series! Nhắc còn nhớ lava, các bạn hãy chờ mình cuồi tuần !!!!

Foster The People - Pumped up Kick


PS : Viết để lưu lại ngày bị té ghế.

It has been a while for assigment :”).
Morning saigon:)
Paris Jazz Café
Health check up this morning. The hospital was so crowded this morning. Breakfast with mom and went to work late. It’s so hot today.
Today I started my new week with a long phone call to my love .Then I drank a bottle of milk and went to work a bit late, Sun shines on my shoulder
Now my playlist is playing this song
Gone _Lianne LA Havas
She sings the song at cafe St Jean
And it’s like  sitting working in a coffe shop, which my atmosphere ever. Suddenly thought of Coffitivity https://www.coffitivity.com/,a great project  :”)
Monday already:”). Doing what you love and going ahead.
Dramatically stuck.
Changing period.

Projects.Assignments.Years. Chances. Flight. Photoshoot. Business. Sun. Rain. Flu. Sleep. Gmail. Waiting. Buddies.Late night converstions.Explanation. Sadness.Persuasion. Decision. Made!

My phonecase  has so many dirty spots so i decided to play with them instead of buying a new one. Hope the ink wont stain more :”)
Tom and jerry . My handmade  version :))
Vitamin C . Dont u dare come close flu !
Table today :”)
Lunch :”). Gonna be a busy week
Friends all around :”)

Good morning chance :”)